Daytime Capsules 30mg CBD x30 (0% THC)

(3 customer reviews)

Immune boosting CBD Capsule 30mg/ml x30

Capsule Ingredients – CBD, Coconut Oil, Turmeric, Manuka Honey, Honey Suckle, Sage, Marigold, Chilli, Dandelion Root, Wild Nettles, Echinacea.

CBD 99.98% (See 3rd Party lab certifications here)

Average recommended CBD for adults 30mg per day.

x1 Capsule daily in the morning, 1 hour after food or taken after other medications.

Capsule Ingredients Capsule Size 00
Hydroxypropyl, Methylcellulose, Purified water & chlorophyllin E141.


or 4 interest-free instalments by

10000 in stock


Potential benefits of CBD include:
Boosting the immune system (immune-modulating)
Counteracting the formation of tumors (anti-tumorigenic)
Fighting inflammation (anti-inflammatory)
Preventing vomiting (antiemetic)
Recovery or regeneration of the nervous system (neuroprotective)
Reducing or preventing anxiety (anti-anxiety)
Reducing or preventing seizures (anticonvulsant)
Relieving pain (analgesic)

Additional information

Weight 200 g

14 Day Trial (x14 Capsules), Month Supply (x30 Capsules)

3 reviews for Daytime Capsules 30mg CBD x30 (0% THC)

  1. Sam

    Been taking these for nearly a month , I suffer with complex ptsd and severe anxiety after the 2 or 3 days of taking these I felt much better head was clear not foggy and was able to leave the house without feeling anxious . Iam on my second order will continue each month . Total game changer

  2. Dave Hindmarsh

    I’ve been using supplements for the past 2 years, spending over £70 per month and not really feeling a benefit from them.

    I started using CBD by Better Days in December 2020.

    I can’t compliment this product highly enough.
    I was struggling with my mental health last year due to the loss of my Dad with Covid, these CBD products have given me huge clarity of thought along with a happier outlook, at half the cost of what I was purchasing prior to using this quality CBD

    I will continue to take them, not because I have any health issues, Prevention is far better than cure.

    Keep yourself healthy, it’s so valuable in today’s busy society.

    Thanks Kev, keep up the amazing help you’re bringing to so many lives.

    • kevrobadmin


      Can not thank you enough but for your bravery and honesty as men are not honest about feelings (Usually) but secondly give a clear honest review. this truly helps people see CBD broad spectrum of uses

  3. Matt

    Can’t thank you enough or put in to words how amazing this product is.
    I’ve been using the CBD (Blue) capsules for a little while now and genuinely my clarity of mind and focus have improved and my productivity at work has seen a vast improvement also.
    Being a father of 3 (4 in December) and being a sufferer of PTSD my mind can get, at times, a bit cloudy shall we say, but these tablets have helped me to put my mind back in order and find the motivation I need everyday to get myself out of bed and get myself together I’ve never known sleep like I have with these tablets I just lay in bed and switch off. It’s like being behind the wheel again instead of just being a passenger

    Thanks kev

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